Star Symphony

This self-initiated project was displayed in Bureau Agency’s London gallery in June 2018. For this piece I sampled the Azimuthal position of our nearest 10,000 stars and scattered them in to a globe that could be navigated and searched. For the show I rigged the stars up to music so they would dance to any real-time music that was played in to the computer. The colors of the stars were selected by sampling a Greyson Perry tapestry because I love his color sense.


  • Software Developer
  • Installation
  • Creative Director


  • GLSL
  • Vertex Buffers
  • openFrameworks
  • C++
  • Fast Fourier Transform
  • XML


  • Realtime audio interaction
  • ┬áManipulating thousands of vertices
  • Resolution
  • Viability on multiple GPUs
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