Cheryl's Light

Cheryl’s Light was a join project between Hellicar Studio and Hellicar & Lewis. We created a memorial piece for Weiden + Kennedy to commemorate the life of Cheryl Rogers. The piece is a wooden wall hanging carved in the the style of a record, created by the audio of Cheryl’s favorite song by Primal Scream: “My Light Shines On”. The piece is also fitted with 7 servo motors which turn dichroic cubes through which light is scattered. The cubes turn in the direction of the last visitor who walked by, leaving an imprint of each person who experiences Cheryl’s Light. The piece can be viewed in the front hall of the Wieden + Kennedy offices in London.


  • Technical Director
  • Software Developer
  • Fabricator


  • openFrameworks
  • Custom PCB
  • C++
  • openCV
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino


  • Woodworking
  • ¬†Physical Fabrication
  • Zero Maintenance Requirement.
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