Adventure Time VR Demo

Started in 2017 but completed in 2018 we put together an Adventure Time themed Virtual reality Demo for Cartoon Network. I wanted to explore the unique opportunities afforded by VR so we settled on a gameplay system that focused on the user seeing the world “through the eyes” of their favorite characters. By looking at a character you were teleported to their perspective and could see the world in a different way: Princess bubble gum heard pops everywhere, Marceline’s world was moody and gothic and BMOs is in 2-bit etc. We also experimented with Audio interaction so as not to lose immersion. By yelling at the Banana guards in the real world, the headset picks up the sound and causes them to fall over!


  • Technical Director
  • Software Developer
  • Project Management
  • Client Relations
  • Creative Director


  • GLSL
  • Unity
  • VR
  • C#
  • Audio Detection


  • Game Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Performance Testing
  • VR Development
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