Adidas Futurehouse

Adidas Future house was a full building take-over on curtain road designed and produced by Kit&Caboodle to launch the Adidas NWRs in 2016. We created two unique futuristic environments, a dystopian future filled with Urban Blight and decay on the first floor and an ultra-lux mirrored “selfie” future on the second floor. For each of these rooms we needed to create an interactive video experience. On the first floor we created a massive CCTV grid which sat alongside the performance stage. The grid shows a mixture of pre-recorded, live, and recently recorded video which created an eerie sense of temporal dissonance. We also connected the system of glitching video effects which could be controlled manually or synched live to the music on-stage. On the second floor we created a Kaleidoscope mirror tunnel which we projected the new shoe advertisement on to but fed through a kaleidoscope filter which was always rotating and changing created crazy effects.


  • Technical Director
  • Software Developer
  • Live VJ


  • openFrameworks
  • GLSL
  • Black Magic
  • ¬†FFT


  • Live video recording
  • Signal Distribution
  • Autonomous System Settings
  • Multi-Device Synchonisation
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