About Me

Hello, My name is James Bentley and I’m a London based Creative Technologist working in Interactive Events and Digital Arts. In university I studied Physics and Philosophy but now I dedicate my time to Compute Science, Art and Design.

I started of my career at Hellicar & Lewis based in East London as a Creative Technologist and got to work on projects for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Weiden + Kennedy and the V&A. Since then I’ve week working on a joint venture with Pete Hellicar where we’ve been able to take a more aesthetic approach to the work producing an digital arts series entitled Sunrise Kingdom.

I have experience leading projects, designing technical systems, implementing technical systems, debugging mine and others code, producing and managing budgets, creating client proposals, prototypes and proof-of-concept pieces and managing clients directly.

But perhaps you came here for the technical stuff. If so please find a list of my technical talents below:


  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • GLSL
  • HLSL
  • openframeworks
  • Unity
  • Node.js
  • WordPress
  • openCV
  • BlackMagic
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Linux/OSX/Windows
  • Git + Github
  • Arduino
  • Visual Studio/Xcode/Emacs/Sublime Text/Atom
  • PM2
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